black and blue fox scarf


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Overisize long double side fox scarf from black and greyish blue furs. Super light, feels like a blanket.

Composition: fox fur. Out of recycled fur jackets.

It is an unique design - only one piece - thus to recycling concept I do not duplicate jackets/vests/coats.

Size: one size

It has been precisely cleaned and treated however might have a bit of differences in shades on the pelt due to the character of the animal fabric.

If you have any questions about exact measurements or you would like to get more photos, or the other questions feel free to contact me I'm happy to help!

About the collection:

TXRD # textured

It´s the name for the collection showing my love for textures, the ultimate love for eclectic style, vintage mixed with contemporary both in fashion and interior design. The love for contrast fabrics, the passion for mixing diverse colors and contrasting kinds of furs in order to achieve the product that is contemporary, light and unique, even while using the vintage furcoats in the process of recycling.

Texture is the key in fashion and textile design.

For me it is an experimental approach to fur design - to mix the tibet lamb with patchwork of karakul sheep leftovers , to mix the not-so-noble fur as goat fur with the one considered classic such as a blue fox or luxurious swakara.

The experiments are the part of a study (on my development as a fashion designer), but it is also an attempt to change a general perception of fur, including recycled vintage fur.

Through this process and the idea itself I want to show the creativity and uniqueness for each piece I made for Fall 2017 collection. Affordable and easy to wear that´s what I believe it is. All the pieces made by myself from dismantled vintage fur coats. I cut the patterns, sewn in all together, handfinished and added some details, all by myself, thus the collection includes only 9 pieces.

Made in Krakow, Poland.

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