End of a season sales + other quite personal info regarding my work April 01 2016

Hello Followers,

I suspended the store for the summer time, thus customers will still be able to view my products and website but won’t be able to buy them through the website. The only possibility to buy something is to contact me and I would create the listing on etsy.com where I also have a seller account and then you can purchase the particular product.

According to what I was writing before that I'm gonna do the second part of the collection soon, so basically I made some designs, I bought some vintage furs but I never finished them and now I'm recreating again......... which means there are new ideas and new things I wanna do..... btw I started studying pattern making and garment construction which also implies that.......... i'm kinda busy :) but also that my next collection wont be consisting only out of fur jackets and coats but it will be a full collection like a real designer :D

#self proclaimed designer ofc 

Btw #2 I have other work which makes me even more busy but 2015/2016 is the time of travelling for me, so being honest this is why I didn't quite finish that collection cuz I was basically..... travelling - Berlin, Roma, Athens ... in march vacanze romane #2, and now I'm saving up for a trip to Budapest, Istanbul and Japan for 3 weeks in June......... but all the trips bring me inspirations so maybe what I'm gonna create next would be cooler than the stuff before........ who knows  all that stuff is super subjective anyway...

So we'll see whats gonna happen next but I've got lots of beautiful vintage fur coats at home and it would be a great loss If I would not create sth fancy and eco-friendly cool out of them soooooooooooon!


If anyone interested in anything contact me plsssssssss on facebook or somewhere : marta horowitz


ps.ive got snapchat -->  marta_horowic - follow me if u wanna see my life, sometimes I post stuff regarding sewing, furs, work, but most usually I do retarded faces and snaps from parties